Tips on Finding the Best Ontario Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Finding the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

single motorcyclist in the middle of the crossroad at sunsetMotorcycles continue to grow in popularity; however, general non-riders still have reservations about motorcyclists. 

This becomes a major problem when an accident between a motorcyclist and a car driver occurs, as bias can influence how fault is determined and whether or not damages may be awarded to the rider. 

However, the best motorcycle accident lawyer will aid in upholding justice, ensuring injured clients are appropriately compensated. Here is a breakdown of finding the best legal team to help with your motorcycle accident case.



Narrowing Down Options and Selecting the Best Choice

personal injury lawyer negotiating with the insurance company for damages of motorcycle accidentsFrom billboards along Interstate 10 to the multitude of TV and radio ads, it is understandable to become overwhelmed with all of the local law firms to choose from. To narrow down the candidate pool, consider the following.

If Available, Get a Referral

Referrals for experienced motorcycle accident attorneys from a friend or family member are incredibly helpful. Confiding in someone who has experienced similar circumstances like a motorcycle accident and/or has undergone a serious injury is one of the most promising ways to find reliable personal injury attorneys.

However, keep in mind that not all personal injury attorneys are experienced in managing cases involving motorcycle accidents. Therefore, when asking around, ensure the referral is, in fact, a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Confirm Experience with Other Motorcycle Accident Claims

Make sure the personal injury lawyer has experience with motorcycle accidents, specifically. Not all personal injury attorneys have experience with auto accidents involving motorcycles or understand the unique challenges that motorcycle riders face. 

While it can go unsaid, experience is key. Motorcycle accidents often result in catastrophic injuries with expensive medical bills, cause lost wages from time missed from work, and will require more complex case proceedings in comparison to other personal injury cases.

Review Track Record and History

Do not hesitate to ask about motorcycle accident attorneys’ experience and their track record. Motorcycle accident victims should ask questions like:

  • How long has he or she been working in personal injury law?
  • How many motorcycle accident cases has that personal injury attorney handled?
  • How much compensation was recovered in similar cases involving motorcycle accident injuries?
  • What is the win-loss record of the law firm?

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney lawyer should be able to answer questions honestly and thoroughly. Recovering damages from a motorcycle crash is not a simple process. Ensure the selected motorcycle accident lawyer is fully equipped to handle your case.

Ask if the Law Firm Works On a Contingency-Fee Basis

There are different types of billing structures, and each motorcycle accident attorney will have their own preferred method. The most client-friendly option, especially for those suffering from motorcycle accident injuries, is on a contingency basis, meaning that there are no upfront fees.

Instead, a percentage of the final award is collected, but only if the motorcycle accident case is won. And, that percentage comes from the final settlement paid for by the at-fault party’s insurance company, so clients are not paying anything out-of-pocket.

If the case is not won, the personal injury lawyer collects nothing. This affords clients the opportunity to get the legal help they need without having to worry about upfront costs.

Ensure Communication-Styles Are Compatible

After finding some promising options, be sure to ask each motorcycle accident lawyer about their communication styles.

Whether it’s regarding what to do after a motorcycle crash, what to say to the insurance company, or any other concerns that arise throughout the legal process, motorcycle accident lawyers should be responsive to every client’s needs. 


Why Working with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is So Important

Fountain pen and notary document on desk. Law and notary public concept

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer will protect clients from being taken advantage of by the misleading insurance companies and will fight to obtain the maximum compensation on each client’s behalf. Legal representation can provide injured victims with the following benefits.



Understand the Full Extent of Motorcycle Damages You’re Entitled To

Oftentimes, plaintiffs agree to settlements early in the case proceedings, not realizing that they were actually entitled to more money. 

This is a common strategy used by insurance adjusters who overly-emphasize how great their offer is, exaggerating their willingness to pay for medical bills and to get the bike repaired immediately. 

However, there’s more to damages than current medical expenses and repairs, such as lost wages, physical therapy, pain and suffering, and more. For instance, the average pain and suffering settlement amount can go as high as $25,000–a cost that would otherwise go unnoticed by insurance companies. 

A motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to calculate the losses and fight for the biggest award possible.

Prove Liability and Handle Negotiations

Dealing with an insurance company is frustrating and time-consuming. Their goal is to get plaintiffs to accept low settlements or to drop their motorcycle accident cases entirely. 

Working with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney removes the frustration and stress away from the victims, allowing them to focus on their recovery. 

A dedicated legal team will investigate the motorcycle crash and obtain all necessary evidence to prove that the other party was at fault. Then, they will calculate a case value, and negotiations with the insurance company will follow.

The length of time it will take to dispute a case will vary depending on damages and the insurance company’s cooperation, but being backed by an experienced legal team improves the chances of recovering maximum damages. 

Take the Motorcycle Accident Case to Trial

If necessary, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can file a lawsuit against the other party and take the case to trial, where the outcome will be decided by a judge and jury. 

When an insurance company refuses to be fair in negotiations or has rejected a motorcycle accident claim, then the case can go to trial where the courts can determine the outcome.

In the event a case does not settle, a motorcycle accident lawyer can represent clients in court. They have the experience and knowledge to deliver the best possible outcome. 

After warning that a lawsuit will be filed, insurance companies become more inclined to settle, as court proceedings can be very costly to them. Aid from a motorcycle accident lawyer indicates to an insurance company that you are willing to escalate the case if necessary. 


How Much Does It Cost to Hire Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

Selective focus of Men using calculator, holding invoice and check his salary for plan personal expense budget. Individual balance sheet for saving and payment control. Financial and economy concept.Some motorcycle accident attorneys charge by the hour, while others charge a flat, upfront rate. Depending on the law firm, the cost will vary. Before signing a contract to work with a motorcycle accident lawyer, ensure the price is confirmed and that the agreed-upon amount is reflected in the paperwork.

At Armstrong Accident Attorneys, we do not bill by the hour, and we do not charge any upfront fees. Instead, we make our services available by working on a contingency agreement, so we are only compensated after our clients are. 

A contingency fee arrangement also guarantees that clients will not owe money for any legal services if the case does not result in a win. 

Our motorcycle accident lawyers also offer a 100% free consultation to all potential clients. This allows us to discuss their accident and go over all important details, like estimated compensation, timeline, and other expectations, ensuring both parties are on the same page.


Consult an Experienced Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

motorcycle accident lawyer working on injury claims for motorcycle accidentsIf you are considering a legal solution, consider the provided helpful tips in locating the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Ontario, CA.

Our personal injury law firm is dedicated to helping injured motorcyclists obtain the justice that they deserve. If you are suffering from an injury and other damages caused by a negligent driver or another at-fault party, we can help. 

Armstrong Accident Attorneys offers our services to residents throughout San Bernardino County and neighboring counties. We provide results-driven representation, focused on helping our clients recover the damages that they are entitled to. 

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